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Wheeling Walks Challenge: Week #8

A Simple Quiz to complete your Challenge!

Answer the following questions below to see if the Let’s Get Walking Challenge helped you to make walking a healthy habit.

1. Are you consistently looking for ways to add walking into your daily routine?
Yes - No
2. Are you planning ahead so you aren’t caught with not enough time to walk?
Yes - No
3. Are you scheduling your walk on a daily basis?
Yes - No
4. Are you keeping an activity log?
Yes - No
5. Are you varying your routine so as not to become bored?
Yes - No
6. Are you enlisting your family and friends to walk also?
Yes - No
7. Are you walking with a buddy?
Yes - No
8. Are you walking almost every day (5 days a week)
Yes - No
9. Are you stretching before you walk?
Yes - No
10. Are you drinking enough water daily?
Yes - No

How did you do? Rate your number of YES answers:

7 or More
Great! Your energy level should be reflecting your physical activity choices.

5 to 6
Pretty Good! Keep up the good work. Focus on simple solutions and changes you can live with.

3 to 4
Keep At It! Review each week of the Let’s Get Walking Challenge and work on one area at a time: eventually your scores will improve.

Less than 4
Don’t Give Up! See your worksite health promotion coordinator, or seek professional assistance in your area. Remember walking is EASY and can be so much Fun!

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