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Wheeling Walks Challenge: Week #8

Ways To Keep Moving Forward

Even though the Let’s Get Walking Challenge has ended…your lifelong habit of walking has just begun. Use this as the start to a lifelong commitment to walking and taking better care of you. In the long run, small changes really do add up and finding ways to make walking part of your daily routine is the best strategy to success.

Continue to challenge yourself by continuing to log your daily walking activity time! Keep a close eye on your stretching and toning techniques. Challenge yourself each week to track your progress.

Over time, you’ll begin to see and feel how these small changes are improving your health, your energy level, your weight and your outlook on life!

Here are a few ways to keep you tuned into your activity schedule:

Enjoy Yourself!
Remember to have fun, and walk the way that works best for you.

Find ways to add variety to your routine. Anything you continue to do over and over risks the potential of becoming routine and boring. Find ways to vary your schedule, route, or your routine to keep it interesting and exciting.

Cycle With the Season!
As the seasons change each year, try to change your walking to fit the new weather patterns. Do outdoor walking when possible but find a comfortable and convenient indoor facility that fits easily into your schedule.

Have a Buddy!
Walk with someone else on an occasional basis, take your dog, child, spouse or a friend along. Meet a co-worker over lunch for a short walk.

Set Realistic Goals!
Set a weekly goal for yourself as well as a long-term goal and chart your progress along the way.

Reward Yourself!
Whenever you meet a significant goal, reward yourself with a day off, an evening out, a new pair of shoes or a new audiotape or CD.

Don’t Let a Lapse Become a Relapse!
Everyone goes through periods when he or she isn’t perfect or when they don’t feel up to their schedule. Just don’t let a temporary lapse become a permanent relapse back to a sedentary lifestyle. Examine what prompted you to “throw in the towel” for that period of time and find ways around that roadblock the next time.

Reward yourself for completing the Let’s Get Walking Challenge!

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