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Wheeling Walks Challenge: Week #3

Why Warm Up & Stretch Out?

Warming up your muscles, ligaments and tendons before you begin any physical activity can reduce your risk of injury. Start your activity slowly, and always spend the first couple of minutes of the activity getting used to the increased effort that exercise places on your body. If you take the time to warm-up before you begin your physical activity routine, chances are you will minimize the possibility of muscle soreness later.

Simple stretching exercises can reduce fatigue and muscle stiffness from a long day at work, tension from traffic jams and too much sitting. Regular stretching also increases your flexibility and can help reduce the risk of injury from physical activity. Ideally, stretching should be a part of your physical activity routine, and muscles respond to stretching best after they are warmed up. This is a great way to "“cool down"” from your activity, and it is relaxing, too!

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