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Why Kids?

Make our streets safe! For a variety of reasons, kids today are not as physically active as they need to be to obtain optimum well being. Youth obesity has more than doubled in the past twenty years. This is a local and national catastrophe. Therefore, it is crucial that something be done about youth physical inactivity. With funding from the Medical Park Foundation and the JB Chambers Foundation, Dr. Bill Reger of West Virginia University, Department of Community Medicine and his team have begun an initiative to promote physical activity among young people in the Ohio Valley.

What is the Youth Physical Activity Project?

The Youth Physical Activity Project is designed to promote physical activity among young people in the Ohio Valley. This initiative is still in the development phase. Currently, there is a Youth Physical Activity Advisory Team consisting of representatives from local organizations, businesses and educational institutions, as well as concerned citizens.

For more information, please contact:

Holli Smith, MS, MSW, CHES
Project Co-Coordinator
[email protected]

Kari Edgmon, MS
Project Co-Coordinator
[email protected]

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