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Wheeling Walks Challenge: Week #7


Getting couch potatoes off the sofa and doing moderate walking can help them reduce their health risks. Support from family and friends can help inactive people become more active.

Physically active employees or family members can provide support, encouragement and assistance as the person begins walking

The focus of this week is to support and encourage people who are not walking to build moderate walking into their daily lives.

How to start

  • Read and understand the benefits of walking
  • Identify your couch potato (TATER)
  • Explain the benefits to your TATER.
  • Suggest walking at the TATER’S ability level. If you have been walking regularly you are bound to be more fit, so don’t expect him or her to match you.
  • Remember the goal is to help the TATER.
  • Ask the TATER how you can help them to incorporate walking into their daily routine.
  • Keep in contact with the TATER and let him or her know you care.
    Offer praise and encouragement when the TATER starts to walk.
    Express confidence in your TATER even if there has been a temporary lapse in walking.
  • Don’t preach or nag.
  • Remember when you help and encourage others, you help and encourage yourself!

How does this help me?

In the end, your TATER will not be the only one to benefit from your efforts. You will probably feel good about having helped a friend or loved one take the first steps toward improving their health. And boosting you own self-esteem by helping someone is great medicine for you! Encouraging others and demonstrating Your dedication to walking will help you to continue your own walking regimen.

T - Talk to your TATER about walking.

A - Ask your TATER how you can help them get started.

T - Take Time to walk with your TATER.

E - Encourage your TATER!

R - Remember when you help and encourage other, you help and encourage yourself.

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