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Wheeling Walks Challenge: Week #6

What’s Blocking You? Part 2

Here are some more common roadblocks to regular walking. Remember, that for every roadblock, there can be many detours available. Look to see if any of these are roadblocks for you, and then identify at least one detour that you could use to get around it and get back on track.

The “No-One-To-Walk With” Roadblock.
“Walking by myself is too boring. I need somebody to make me walk. And nobody I know has the same schedule.”

Detour: No Support?
Look for classes provided by your local school district or for groups who meet to walk. The Ohio Valley Runners/Walkers Club is a good one in the Wheeling area. Take your dog for a walk; put the kids in strollers. If they are old enough ask them and your spouse to join you. If you can find someone to walk with on an occasional basis, you may be able to motivate yourself to exercise alone once in awhile.

Where to find an interested buddy?

  • School
  • Church
  • Neighborhood
  • Work

Broaden your horizons and test the waters! This may be a great way to meet people!

Roadblock: The I’m-Too-Embarrassed” Roadblock
“I’m just too far gone and out of shape. I’d be embarrassed to even be seen walking. I can’t wear those exercise clothes, I’ll look terrible in sweats and I couldn’t keep up with anyone, anyway!”

Detour: Too Embarrassed?
Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Find an environment where you are comfortable. Believe it or not, but the same clothing used for an evening of TV watching is perfect walking attire. The Ohio Valley has great trails and well-lit streets - seek areas with well-maintained sidewalks. Walk by yourself or to music and you don’t HAVE to keep up with anyone. Ask the health club staff about walks for beginners and/or people of larger size (many clubs are offering these classes). Invest in a treadmill and walk in the privacy of your own home until you feel better about your body and fitness level.

Some Trails to try:

  • Wheeling’s Heritage trail
  • The Edgewood section of Wheeling
  • Wheeling Jesuit University outdoor track
  • The Ohio Valley Mall’s Walksport Program

The “It-Costs-Too-Much” Roadblock
“It’s just too expensive to exercise. Who can afford those machines they sell on TV or a health club membership. Without spending a lot of money, there really isn’t any exercise you can do that would really help get you into shape.”

Detour: Too Expensive?
Think about all of the affordable options there are and stop waiting until you have more money to join a club or buy an expensive piece of equipment. (Remember the stairs are the original stair-climbing machine!). Check out a school track , the YMCA or the YWCA. Even some indoor tracks may be available and free to the public at various times. Walk at the mall. Many malls have walking programs that are free or inexpensive to join.
Remember: you can walk right outside your own front door…on Mother Nature’s track!
Walking is FREE! And most quality health clubs will be happy to offer advice on walking locals and performance tips - give them a call.

The I-Don’t-Have-Any-Willpower” Roadblock.
“I just can’t stick with an exercise routine, I’ve tried. I know I should exercise, but I’ve never been able to finish an 8-week exercise class or motivate myself to go to a class regularly. There’s always something else I’d rather be doing, anyway.”

Detour: No Willpower?
This probably means you haven’t made health a priority in your life or you haven’t found and activity you enjoy doing. Walking with a friend or family member can give you the motivation you need to begin and continue a walking program. Incorporating walking into your daily routine will make walking a healthy habit.

Use walking as a way to connect with yourself or others. Instead of time on the phone, enjoy time side by side with your friend or family member. Instead of “down time" on the couch, try “uptime” on a beautiful local trail. Use you walk as private time to meditate and to connect with nature, yourself, or your higher power.

The “I’ll-Just-Get-Sore-Or-Hurt-Myself” Roadblock.
“I’ve heard people are worse off if they start exercising than if they just stay sedentary. Besides, my muscles are never stiff or sore until I try to exercise and then I’m sore for days.”

Detour: I’ll Hurt Myself!
See a physician if you’re concerned about some aspect of your health (especially your heart), or anytime you change your physical level, but most apparently healthy people of any age can safely engage in moderate levels of walking without prior medical consultation. Invest in the right kind of shoes, and warm-up slowly before you do anything. Use common sense and listen to your body if you’re not feeling right.

This week go for a walk with your family!

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