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Featured Folks: Week #6

Fred Martin
Age 69, Retired - Leaseway Motor Company

This past winter, Fred Martin, after much cajoling from his wife, Nannette, started walking. Fred is a diabetic with foot problems. He started by walking a mile a day and has been walking ever since. Fred and Nannette walked first at Wheeling Jesuit University but have since moved to Wheeling's Heritage Trail at 35th Street.

Fred says that he feels better than he has in a long time and had the following answers when questioned about his walking:

Why do you walk? I walk because it is easy. Now that I have started I feel better than ever. And I can walk on my own time. When I feel like it I take a walk!

What is your toughest obstacle to walking? My leg musckes bothered me before I started walking. I thought that it would cause walking to be difficult for me but it has eased the pain in my muscles and now I can walk with the best of 'em.

What is your best advice for new walker? Walking makes you feel better! Just get out there and walk and you will be amazed at the improvement you will see in your health.

What is the coolest benefit of walking? Walking is healthful and it is easy! For me, my doctor said I needed to exercise. He said that if I get my weight below 200 pounds I can eliminate some of the medicines that I am now taking. And he said that if I walk, I might live forever! And that sounds like a good deal!

What is your biggest surprise about walking? I wasn't even trying to lose wight but I have. I look at the scale and the weight has just come off. And more valuable than that, I feel better.

Fred Martin is a typical walker. He started because he walked with his mate. He didn't think he would like it and didn't know if he would stick with it. But because walking is easy, fun, and can be done on your own time - it can be a lasting commitment. Have you started walking?

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