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Featured Folks: Week #3

Sandy Bell
Age 50 something :-)
Nickles Bakery

Walking is important to Sandy Bell. Sandy began walking 6 years ago as a way to help people. The American Heart Association's Heart Walk raises money for research and the project was important to Sandy. Sandy didn't train for the 5-mile event but she felt she was in shape because of her job where she walks the aisles of Nickles Bakery all night long. The first year Sandy raised $800 for the event and that amount has increased to $2500 in this year's event. Overall Sandy says she has raised nearly $11,000 for The American Heart Association herself. Sandy says she walks approximately 30 miles collecting pledges for the event too!

When questioned about her love of walking, Sandy gave the following answers:

Why do you walk: I walk all night long as part of my job, so it is nothing to walk the 5 miles for the Heart Walk and at the same time I am earning money for important research. The Heart Walk is something I can do to make an important contribution to a cause the helps so many people.

Why do you love walking? I enjoy my job and walking is a part of it. I work in the shipping department so I am constantly walking back and forth in the aisles at Nickles. It keeps me in shape. So, walking is natural for me.

What is your toughest obstacle to walking? I work the midnight shift, so getting a walking program going is hard. But I think I stay in shape by working.

What is your biggest surprise about walking? I was surprised at how easy the Heart Walk was for me because I walk so much at work. I walk 5 laps around St. Clairsville Park and it doesn't bother me.

What is the coolest benefit of walking? Walking for others is what makes it worthwhile for me. The research is important and I feel as if I am really making a contribution.

Although Sandy walks a lot on her job at Nickles Bakery she has never committed to a dedicated walking program but now with Wheeling Walks she is making a commitment to dedicating time daily to walking What is exciting news for Sandy and for all of us, is that even a 10 minute walk - like she does in the aisles of the Nickles warehouse- is beneficial to your health! And Sandy walks up and down the aisles all night long. Three ten minutes walks a day can add up to the 30 minutes that will reduce your chances of heart disease, reduce stress, and increase energy. Join Wheeling Walks and Sandy in walking every day!

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