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The Wheeling Walks 30 Minute or More Challenge Was a Success

The Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical exercise almost on a daily basis. This mass media-based campaign was organized by Dr. Bill Reger-Nash of the West Virginia University Department of Community Medicine and is detailed herein. For more information about the campaign, please visit the "Our Message" link above.

The results indicate that 30% of Wheeling's sedentary residents increased their walking to the recommended level compared to a 16% increase in a control community. Wheeling thus experienced a 14% net increase.

To learn more about how to plan, implement, and evaluate the Wheeling Walks targeted physical activity public health model, please refer to our Training Manual for a Media-Based Community Campaign for Walking. (To view the manual, please click the "Manual" link on the website.) The two Wheeling Walks television, radio, and print ads are also available at this site.

Since the ads were developed by Zimmerman and Markman of Santa Monica, CA, you must contact Bill Zimmerman at 310-451-2522 to arrange to use the ads in your community campaign. There are fees associated with use of the ads.

 Making a Difference
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No matter if the weather is becoming warmer and the trees start to bud, or the leaves begin to fall followed by the snowflakes -- no time is better to get reacquainted with yourself and to recommit to walking. You are worth it.

"20 Weeks to the 20K"

Click here for the complete seminar and training schedule which was used to help prepare those who wanted to walk the Ogden Newspaper Distance Classic.

Walking and Depression

Researchers from the Cooper Institute say exercise might provide relief from depression.


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