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Welcome to Wheeling Walks Kids!

Walking Hey! You know that being healthy means being active, right? And you know that being active means getting up off the couch... and doing something.

Betcha didn't know that "something" can be almost anything! You can do things like walking around in the woods... or throwing frisbees in the park with your dog... or swimming in your pool... or jumping rope... as long as you're moving around, that's being active. And healthy.

Try it out! You'll look better, you'll feel better and you'll live better. Moving around and doing stuff can help if you're stressed out, and will leave you with the warm, fuzzy knowledge that you're doing the right thing for your body.

The Surgeon General says that it would be great if all children and adults would participate in 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical exercise on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of us just aren't doing that.

Did you know? For a variety of reasons, kids today are not as physically active as they need to be to obtain optimum well being. Youth obesity has more than doubled in the past twenty years. This is a local and national catastrophe! To help turn this trend around, Dr. Bill Reger of West Virginia University, Department of Community Medicine and his team (with funding from the Medical Park Foundation and the JB Chambers Foundation) have begun this initiative to promote physical activity among young people in the Ohio Valley.

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